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Attention: Director Marion McMahon

Great Project QLD150 - I am an individual senior artist in new media. My name is Ture Sjolander.

1991 I got a development grant of $ 10.000, from the Premier Hon Wayne Goss and I am now very interested to seriously participate in the celebration with a large and ongoing website- construction, on an  free artistic  basis. As I am now 70 year old I would spend a huge among of time upto the year 2009 to create my part of an electronic "tesselation-art", using the internet and modern technology to visually contribute. Being an internationally aclaimed modern media artist I believe I have all the credentials necessary for an grant application of $ 10.000, to work it out, during the 2 year period it should take me to make an substantial webpresence of new material. And I can tell you it would be a very inspirering theme for me to work on.

I have already established a  number of blanc websites to start my work on.

Sites Under Construction:





Could you please advise me and send some application forms to me at my homeaddress:

I'm very eager to start up my works ASAP. And it will be a great pleasure and good fun.


Ture Sjolander


The website above will give a picture of my experience but I am of course happy to provide you with further materials as CV and other doc.


Ture Sjolander
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